May 14, 2018

#880. A big hit printer “Printoss” that can instantly print and develop past smartphones without requiring batteries and ink!

     In a big hit with the idea of reversal, a mysterious printer “Printoss” which is a printer but does not need power and ink.

“Printoss” is a mysterious printer that does not need power and ink though it is a printer. The feature is that batteries and ink are unnecessary first. The secret that does not require power and ink though it is a printer is, in fact, “Printoss” is not an image printer but an analog instant camera. There is a monofocal lens in the inside of the main unit, it takes a photo of the smartphone that displays the photo you want to print, and develops it into an instant film. In instant film, the drug necessary for development is packed on the film itself, so ink is unnecessary. Furthermore, since each film is manually discharged one by one, it is OK without using any batteries. These easy and simple operability and low cost become the topic, and it is a big hit to become shortage now.