April 20, 2018

#871. A paper jamless shredder “Shred Gear kiwami F6”!

     “Shred Gear Kiwami F6“, not only the world’s smallest cut shredder but also trouble-free model, won a grand prize!

“Shred Gear kiwami F6” received the grand prize of craftmanship from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This prize-winning shredder has the peerless cutting technology to greatly reduce the bulk of shredded paper, which is obviously much less amount compared to the ones from conventional shredders. It means that “Kiwami” can store 3 times larger amount of shredded paper than others and saves you a lot of time to empty its trash box. Another reason of winning that prize is that “Shred Gear kiwami F6” is a trouble-free machine and it is also very quiet when running and has sophisticated design.