March 15, 2018

#850. Pioneer Company of plastic plating plating any materials!

     Manufacturers who have opened the way for mass production of plastic plating are also pioneers in the field of environmental measures!

This company is the first pioneer in 1966 to succeed in mass production of plastics plastics at the end of trial and error, challenging with the insane that “There is nothing that does not have plating” in the common sense at the time “Plastic can not be plated” . Today, in addition to automotive parts, home appliance parts and printed circuit board plating, we are also producing many products in surprisingly wide fields such as fishing reel, mobile phone and digital camera, and flush toilet lever. Now this company, along with plating technology, is highly evaluated in the field of environmental measures. The high level of water recycling technology used in plating factories and the technology of recovering metals contained in water attracts attention from a wide range of fields.