February 15, 2018

#833. The company with more than 70% global share in the machine production of single crystal!

     The world’s top machine maker producing single crystal always meets researchers’ needs.

The company is well connected with both domestic and foreign enterprises, colleges and research institutes which work diligently in developing state-of-the-art materials. It is a leading supplier of a single crystal system which is capable of manufacturing materials used for superconductivity and semiconductor. People highly admire their advanced technology to efficiently produce the single crystal as exactly specified in the design from researchers. In the hi-tech industry, where they produce new materials by mixing various kinds of substances, high-purity single crystal is essential. The company keeps expanding its business because of their continuous effort to develop more advanced equipment and to meet the needs of researchers.

Crystal Systems Corporation
Yamanashi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The founder of the company is a researcher himself, and has been developing some equipment to produce the cutting-edge materials. His attitude to put himself in the users' position and to seize the customers' needs correctly has secured the current leading position in the world.