February 13, 2018

#831. Plastic picnic sheets by this company’s amazing flat yarn manufacturing technologies!

     The company with 90% domestic share of plastic picnic sheets now produces materials for sheets and even machine tools for sheets production.

The material for plastic picnic sheets is flat and tough yarn what they call “flat yarn”. Production procedure is as follows; first, these sturdy yarns are intertwined and pressed into flat-shape, and then UV-blocking filtering and waterproofing agent coating are applied on it. It has established an integrated operation system of plastic picnic sheets which is far more advanced than those of other companies. In Japan, we normally see plastic picnic sheets in the construction sites, but it has developed wide variety selection of products such as bags made of patterned sheets and artificial turfs.

Okayama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The company maintains its original technique to produce plastic picnic sheets and at the same time constantly keeps pursuing the products' durability and richness in variety as well as competitiveness in price. These are the prime factors that the company has an overwhelming share in the market.