February 12, 2018

#830. A nondestructive inspection device “Concrete Tester and Surveyor CTS – 02V4” that inspects the internal state by simply hitting concrete!

     Concrete Tester and Surveyor “CTS – 02V4“, the ultimate non – destructive inspection system that does not permit shoddy construction of concrete constructions!

Concrete Tester and Surveyor “CTS – 02V4” is a device to check the soundness of concrete structures that can measure compressive strength of concrete just by hitting. It is a nondestructive inspection device that hits concrete with a hammer and estimates the compressive strength of concrete from the hitting force waveform at that time. Its biggest feature is that anyone can use it easily and can measure with high precision. Conventional measuring instruments required correction of measurement data, but “CTS – 02V4” can automatically correct data and use the displayed value as it is. It also excels in convenience because it can measure continuously for 12 hours with 4 AA batteries.