February 12, 2018

#829. Manufacturer of the world market share No. 1 with Micro Titanium Dioxides, which is a raw material for sunscreen cream!

     Manufacturers of the world’s share No. 1 of Micro Titanium Dioxides that protect skin from ultraviolet rays!

This company is a manufacturer that provides Micro Titanium Dioxides, a raw material for sunscreen cream, to cosmetic manufacturers around the world. Its world market share is a leading company with over 60%. Organic materials were conventionally used as raw materials for sunscreen creams, but some of the organic materials cause skin roughening. This company’s Micro Titanium Dioxides replaced it. Micro Titanium Dioxides are inorganic substances free from worry of rough skin and exhibit high effect in both reflection and absorption of ultraviolet rays.