January 04, 2018

#802. A rescue car for Japan where an earthquake and tsunamis are frequent for the lifesaving that evolved there!

     Rescue car of the world’s best level that a device and usability only in disaster large country Japan were put!

This company has a good reputation by production of Rescue and Special Purpose Vehicles in particular in a general disaster prevention company of the establishment of a business in 1884. It is cultivated in Japan where an earthquake and a tsunami happen frequently, and a good point of the convenience of various laborers and lifesaving ambulance crews for lifesaving is included in a rescue car for the lifesaving that evolved there.This company is developing the world’s first hose that shines even in the dark by new technology. In the dark, the crew can visually confirm the bending of the hose, and it shows the retreat and course of the crew members.

Teikoku Sen-i Co.,Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

Life rescue in case of disaster is always a matter of concern to the people in Japan. As a result, various disaster prevention and life-saving related vehicles and equipment are evolving and developing unprecedentedly.