December 28, 2017

#799. Tool Setter, indispensable to machine tools which achieves 70% global market share!

     The maker of Tool Setter, which is precise, durable and affordable is the one and only enterprise in the world.

It is no exaggeration to say that the company’s Tool Setter is indispensable to machine tools and it controls the production cost and workmanship in various industries. Traditionally, trained employees check the position of devices installed on the machine tools, but it can continuously check them instead of workers, so that 24 hrs machine tool’s operation was realized since its appearance, which led to the overall cost reduction.

METROL Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

The company has developed an innovative Tool Setters with their original method which other companies can not imitate. Employees at the company are increasingly dedicated to improving their advanced technology which has kept it as the world's leading company.