December 26, 2017

#798. The company connects Japanese traditional craftworks and creators in the world!

     Even the Ritz Carlton accepted the company’s silk fabrics, which often decorated the hotel lobby and a reception hall luxuriously.

The company has succeeded in creating luxurious space by combining world’s creators and Japanese traditional craftworks produced by experienced craftsmen. Materials they use range widely over glasses, metals, lacquerwares, ceramics, Japanese paper, wooden wares and leathers. This company invites designers and creators of hotel relations in the world to Japan and guides them to the production site of the craftworkers in fact, and directly touches artisans and works. These attempts have affected global designers and creators, which has led to innovative projects.

In Japan, there still remain craftsmenship and their traditional skills. If you fully make use of their skills and connect them with the world's new ideas, you could produce novel works and space art.