December 21, 2017

#794. Hidden growth industry, leading company of handicraft!

     A handicraft leading company visited by many overseas people holds Grand Prix of homemade work and also handicraft classroom.

This company is a leading company in handicraft supplies, fabrics, hobby materials, etc., in 62 years of establishment. Approximately 60 stores have about 20,000 kinds of fabrics gathered from not only Japan but all over the world, including handmade handicrafts and hobby materials including over 5,000 colors of wool. Handicrafts are now drawing attention as one of the rehabilitation tools for elderly people and as an excellent educational tool for children. The handicraft industry has about twice the size of the movie and music software market, and it is expected to grow more and more in the future. Japanese handicrafts are high in quality, beauty and precision, and are required from handicraft fans around the world.