September 18, 2017

#727. Traditional technology of making unique furniture in Japan, which is drawing attention to worldwide designers and artists!

     A furniture modeler combining know-how and craftsmanship that can respond to any desires of designers and artists!

Although this company is a furniture maker, it is drawing attention from the world as a furniture modeler that can respond to any requests of designers and artists. Japan’s original furniture manufacturing expertise backed by tradition and advanced techniques of craftsmen who pass it on are supporting them. Because of this, it is possible to take ideas and thoughts of designers and artists and replace them with realistic forms of furniture and chairs.

Minerva CO.,LTD.

Comments from Organizer

Furniture design will also be refined with the times. The advantage of this company is that it combines both know-how and technique that can respond to new demands of designers and artists while utilizing natural materials such as wood and leather.