August 07, 2017

#706. Home robot projector, “Tipron”!

     While sitting on a sofa or laying yourself on the bed, you can enjoy the projection with “Tipron“.

“Tipron” is the world’s first home robot projector. Its features are below.
・ It is managed via a smartphone app and it can give you a screen up to 80 inches on any wall or ceiling. It can be pre-programmed, so that you can preset your favorite contents.
・After presetting, it comes to the dining room or bedroom or wherever you like and starts projecting at a designated time.
・When it is running out its battery, it automatically returns to the charging station.
・If it detects obstacles on its way, it stops and does not go by force. It is safer for kids.
・You can make a preset operation via smartphone app and can turn it to manual setting easily.