November 05, 2016

#499. “PITAKURO TOUCH”! It’s a smartphone-compatible gloves!

         A smartphone gloves, “PITAKURO TOUCH” was made in a famous place of glove production in Japan.

We can not properly control smartphone panels with the usual gloves on, but “PITAKURO TOUCH” has made it possible. After it was put on the market, its sales figures soared and it is very rich in type and color now. Not only by touching with the finger tips but also with every part of the palm, we can manipulate the panels of smartphones and tablet PCs. Heat-generating yarn keeps us warm even on cold days. Nowadays, they are receiving incessant inquiries about their product from abroad.

Ichina Co., Ltd.
Kagawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

This company specializing in the production of gloves noticed it is difficult to operate our smartphones with the conventional gloves on. Later that, they made ​​it possible to control touch panels with their newly developed gloves. It is quite sure that these gloves will be a great success in the world, too.