October 31, 2016

#495. ColorEdge, a high-definition monitor, is always the choice of professional photographers!

     Quick Color Match saves time and effort of matching color of printing. “ColorEdge” is stress free for photographers.

“ColorEdge” has an automatic setting of matching color and printing and saves a lot of time and effort. It also saves time and cost of re-printing and helps us concentrate on producing a work without any stress. It is designed to get rid of flicker and friendly for our eyes, which means that we can comfortably conduct operations.

EIZO Corporation.
Ishikawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

In-house development and production of all components ranging from liquid crystal panel to IC chip of the heart of high-definition display is the reason why they keep producing such high-performance displays. That is exactly why the company can produce the powerful displays that can not be copied by rival companies.