October 29, 2016

#493. The traditional bathtub maker which utilizes technology of iron in the time of the myth today!

     The traditional bathtub maker founded in 1831 is proud of its enameled cast iron bathtubs! There must be some reasons why top-ranking hotels choose enameled cast iron bathtubs, “CASTIE“.

“CASTIE” is a luxurious enameled cast iron bathtub and it can keep us warm the body from a core with its excellent heat insulation property. The fame brings more fame and more first-class hotels are now adopting “CASTIE”. The company established in 1831 produced the finest bathtub after combining the traditional Japanese bathtub casting technology and the newest technique. As it is coated like glass, it won’t easily stain, won’t lose luster, and easy to be cleaned. These are the main reasons why it is employed by major hotels.