September 29, 2016

#465. The surprising head mount display which projects a work procedure in front!

         Head-mount display, “AiRScouter” realizes the paperless work, allowing you to display operation procedures to your field of view! Even a 200-pages instruction can be displayed in a field of your vision, which enables you to work with empty hands.

“AiRScouter” displays semitransparent images on the screen, which allows you to improve your work efficiency without obstructing your view. It is now being employed in various factories and job sites because it certainly helps improve work efficiency and safety.

Brother International Corporation

Comments from Organizer

You can easily connect "AiRScouter" to the drone equipped with a camera, so that you can see the images taken by the camera. Your operations should be progressed a lot, as you can identify the drone itself and its footage at the same time.