August 27, 2016

#437. Innovative ultrasonic toothbrush with double-power of conventional toothbrush!

         The leading company in ultrasonic industry has developed the toothbrush with amazing generating power.

By employing the PULSE for an intermittent power-output system, they successfully produced the ultrasonic toothbrush whose generating voltage is twice as much as conventional ones. The toothbrush can remove stubborn plaque. With the function of the water stream generated by the ultrasonic and its vibration, you can thoroughly brush the places where normally brush ends hardly reach. It also attract people’s attention because it is very helpful to prevent tooth decay and mouth odor.


Comments from Organizer

Since its foundation in 1916, the company has continuously developed several products like Japan's first ultra-shortwave medical treatment and physiotherapy treatment. The advanced skills of the company is widely acknowledged in medical and sports fields both inside and outside Japan.