August 25, 2016

#435. the masterpiece “Alvarez” of the acoustic guitar which a world guitarist praises!

         Masterpiece guitars in the world loved by Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana!

They take a method of construction that this company minimizes the mechanization of the production process, and a craftsman performs most by manual labor and do not do the mass production. They accept the special custom order other than the model of standard specifications. A full-time engineer is in charge of production in the studio called the custom shop separately from normal product line, and you can order it from the materials, a shape including the tendency of the sound you wish, as well as a color of decoration and the painting in a wide variety.

Alvarez Guitars
Gifu Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

As for the guitar of this company, an eternal guarantee system is covered and they are repaired basically even if they are damaged and very old unless impossible. Trust of this after-sale service raises the fame of this company still more.