August 24, 2016

#433. The technique of a top maker producing costume by the illustration of the character faithfully!

         The technique of the top maker with the results that produced character costume more than 2,000!

The costume is the Japanese culture that the world pays attention to. This company is a top maker of the costume industry with the results that produced costume more than 2,000 until now. The accumulated following techniques are appreciated until now.
1. Faithful reproduction to never disturb the image of the character
2. They can confirm the facture in exclusive page (WEB) and give a customer relief
3. Coolness! Lightness! is realized and reduces a burden of actor
4. They control smells such as the sweat with power of the light naturally, and bacteria and the virus which attached put the resolution, processing to remove for all costume.
Besides, the effect lasts a long time very much and is popular with actor.