August 19, 2016

#425. The canvas product best in the world with the history in more than 200 is strong, and has high designability!

        Combines durability and excellent design in the world of traditional “Kurashiki canvas“, this canvas products are a big hit in.

Because this canvas was so strong and durable, it was used as sail of the sailing boat in the last years of Edo era and was the invention which was concerned with the development of the route between Osaka and Edo. It is made with only a nature material, and taste be filled up so as to continue using it and is superior in the durability, breathability. It’ll be recent years and It has begun to come to have a lot of popularity which finds the warmth a traditional natural material product has. The “Kurashiki canvas” develops the new product which kept material of the canvas alive out in order to answer such a flow while protecting a traditional weaving as natural material.