July 14, 2016

#394. The wooden chair which makes a chair loving enthusiast groan!

          The discerning beautiful chair which there is nowhere in the world!

To create the beautiful chair which there is nowhere in the world, this company spends 3 years and 4 years on single chair, and doesn’t commercialize it until it’s convincing. The commitment moves severe chair lovers and spreads a name of this company among the world. It’ll take half a year until they arrive after buying the of this company for build-to-order manufacturing. Still there are a lot of customers to be the chair of this company.

Miyazaki Chair Factory Co., Ltd.
Tokushima Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Many chairs which were full of it to functionality as well as a design by hand-made in detail have already reached to the level of the work of art. There are a lot of visitors.