July 06, 2016

#388. High quality umbrella where a Japanese tradition and the latest technique fused!

         High quality umbrella where The beauty we desire when everyone would like to use it and the latest technique fused!

This company makes the high quality umbrella which condensed a traditional craft, state-of-the-art, culture and collects topics.
They let a latest coating technology fuse to traditional design and material and they use high-performance carbon used for the frame of glasses for an umbrella rib and are also making an effort for lightweighting.

Fukui Yougasa
Fukui Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

There are many hints not to be defeated by the company of the large capital for the making of umbrella of this company. They're seeking differentiation from other company by novel idea, development power and the overwhelming goods power.
The umbrella by which everyone would like to have once in his hand is born by this.