September 18, 2015

#217. The miniature rose bonsai

       The miniature rose bonsai is the center of attention in the world!

The number of the miniature rose bonsai lovers is increasing inside and outside of Japan. The traditional Japanese bonsai used to be a pine or a maple tree, but the lovers for the miniature rose bonsai, devised by a Japanese artist “Akira Atomi”, are growing rapidly in numbers across the ocean.

The Miniature Rose Bonsai Lovers’ Club

Comments from Organizer

This boom might be a matter of certainty because there are huge numbers of rose lovers all over the world. Bonsai can be enjoyed both inside and outside of the room. There is no need to be placed in the garden and also people can enjoy it inside the house and it lasts longer than a cut flower, so more and more people will be interested in growing it. It is no longer a dream to change your hobby into business if you have interest in gardening and trying to become a bonsai instructor or selling your original works.