November 07, 2019

#1159. A heretic virological drug that will revolutionize cancer treatment!

     The virus is a nasty disease, a viral therapy drug ”Telomelysin” that uses its infection and proliferation power in reverse to beat cancer.

“Telomelysin” is a cancer treatment that uses a virus that was considered heretical in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, in the world medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, attention is focused on the high therapeutic effect of “Telomelysin”. Cancer virus therapy drugs are anticancer drugs that use viruses that do not proliferate in normal cells but show high infection and proliferation ability in cancer cells. Herpes viruses that are infected by many Japanese and adenoviruses that are known to cause colds are used. In developing and selling “Telomelysin”, the company announced an alliance with Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a major pharmaceutical company. The company is expected to grow significantly as a top runner of innovative cancer drugs.