September 26, 2019

#1148. The world’s smallest 8K endoscope camera “KAIROS”!

     “KAIROS” is an 8K endoscope camera that can be operated with delicate images rather than looking with your own eyes, and is small and easy to operate!

“KAIROS” is an innovative endoscope camera equipped with an 8K camera with revolutionary resolution. It has a resolution that is not comparable to conventional 2K cameras, and projects details that were previously invisible. Surgery can be performed while viewing images that are much clearer than the naked eye, so safer and more secure surgery can be performed, reducing the burden on the surgeon. In addition, “KAIROS” is the smallest structure in the world, and is highly evaluated by surgeons for its easy operation. In the medical field, “KAIROS” has been used for surgery in the field of pediatrics. Because children’s blood vessels, nerves, and organs are smaller than adults, the high-resolution video of “KAIROS” helps the surgery.

Kairos Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

“KAIROS” is attracting a lot of attention from the management of medical institutions not only to reduce the burden on surgeons but also to reduce medical errors with high resolution.