August 22, 2019

#1130. Innovative freezing technology “CAS: Cells Alive System” that is used in medical care!

     An amazing freezing technology “CAS: Cells Alive System” that stops the time for freshness, texture, taste, color, etc. of raw materials even after 3 years!

“CAS: Cells Alive System” is an innovative rapid freezing technology that reverses the common sense of conventional refrigeration technology. CAS is a technology that creates a special magnetic environment around the target material. By combining this with a freezing device, water molecules in the material are rapidly frozen from the supercooled state to minimize cell damage. Accumulated results from the development in 2000 year, has become the world’s attention in the food sector. Recently, attention has been focused on organ transplantation in the medical field, which has traditionally been the limit of 10 to 14 hours after transplantation. If it is CAS refrigerated, it can be stored for 10 days at minus 30 degrees to 40 degrees. It is also attracting attention in the field of regenerative medicine that utilizes iPS cells.

Chiba Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

"CAS: Cells Alive System" can freeze food for a long time by quick freezing. In the event of crop damage caused by floods and droughts, it also responds to national and regional food disparities.