June 26, 2019

#1097. “Laparoscopy Training Model” for surgery that has lowered prices tremendously!

     Surgeons of the world pay attention! “Laparoscopy Training Model” with 1/10 reduction in laparoscopic training equipment!

The “Laparoscopy Training Model” is a revolutionary product that reduces the price of training equipment for laparoscopic surgery to 1/10. The reputation in Japan has spread throughout the world, and now inquiries from all over the world are coming. Because doctors can purchase and practice on their own, the time required for learning can be greatly reduced. The company also produces simulated organs that can be used to practice how to use an electric scalpel. In the past, the place to practice was limited because the organs of the pig etc. were used, but the organ of this company does not choose the practice place because it uses the plant’s konjac as its raw material. This is also attracting attention as it can be used to manufacture any organ and can be used for all types of surgery such as electric and ultrasonic scalpels.

KOTOBUKI Medical Inc.
Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The characteristic of the development of this company is that it fully incorporates the opinion of the doctor. Therefore, the training equipment of this company has received great instruction from the on-site physician.