March 04, 2019

#1078. The state-of-the-art technology “N-NOSE” to be able detect cancer at an early stage with a single drop of urine!

     Inspection of insects that point out the risk of cancer with smell, a breakthrough inspection method for early detection of cancer at a rate of 90% “N – NOSE“!

“N-NOSE” is a breakthrough cancer examination method using nematodes. There is a peculiar smell in the urine of cancer patients. It comes near when it is smelled to the insect of the body of a mere 1mm of nematode, and it runs away from urine of a healthy person oppositely. According to the latest research results, its predictive value is about 90%, and it is now known that it responds to 18 kinds of cancer as well as major cancers such as stomach and large intestine and lung. Although nematodes have olfaction that exceed those of humans and dogs, they are common in general, so they are easy to cultivate and require little breeding costs. For this reason, highly accurate testing can be done at low cost, and furthermore, since it is a single drop of urine, there is also a merit that it is not burdened by the patient undergoing the examination. Not only in Japan, medical officials around the world are also paying attention.