January 16, 2019

#1056. Plastic technology accepted by medical sites in the world!

     ”INJEX 50“,  a needleless syringe attracting attention in the medical field of the world and outstanding plastic technology responsible for manufacturing its important parts! 

The needleless syringe “INJEX 50” is developed, manufactured and sold by Aijex Pharma International Inc. in the United States, and is currently planned to be sold in 20 countries around the world. It is predicted that it will be used in 130 countries in a few years. Meanwhile, Takagi Seiko Corporation, a Japanese company that delivers important plastic parts of needleless injection syringes to Aijex Pharma International Inc., gathers attention. Takagi Seiko Corporation is responsible for the production of a cylinder with a 0.18 mm hole at the tip and a plunger that is a part for pushing out the drug. This company is known as a comprehensive manufacturer of plastic with a history of establishment in 1913. Recently, needleless syringe “INJEX 50” was approved by Food and Drug Administration in the United States, so the stock price of this company soared.