November 22, 2018

#1023. World’s first home medical equipment “DuoBaby” which gives sound sleep to babies of the world!

     “DuoBaby” which has the two functions of the world’s first aspirator and nebulizer to ease baby’s nose blockage!

Of the children all over the world, 53 million people suffer from a respiratory infection including a cold annually. However, infants can not chew their nose when they suffer from nasal blockage due to respiratory infections, so only crying is the only way to get enough oxygen. Families all over the world had difficulty relaxing their babies’ nostrils. So, “DuoBaby” was developed for that. It is an innovative device combining aspirator (nasal aspirator) and nebulizer (inhaler / sprayer) for the first time in the world. This device opens nose clogs from babies around the world, suppresses crying at night, gives family members peace of mind and gives babies a sleep.


Comments from Organizer

"DuoBaby" was developed from the actual experience of researchers who are mothers of two children of this company. It is developed out of the love that they want to make their children suffering from breathing easier, so to speak, "Mother's love device".