November 21, 2018

#1022. The revolutionary stethoscope with the diagnosis assist function!

     A revolutionary stethoscope capable of discriminating the risk of aortic valve stenosis, a major evolution since the invention of a stethoscope!

The “revolutionary stethoscope” developed by this company is an epoch-making one that can discover aortic valve stenosis that is said to have one million in Japan alone. Although the stethoscope did not evolve anything since it was invented 200 years ago, this stethoscope will bring about transformation. Aortic valve stenosis is a serious illness in which the risk of heart failure and sudden death is extremely high, so far screening by doctor’s auscultation was the key. However, auscultation was greatly different among physicians, and everyone was not able to capture the signs of aortic valve stenosis. “Revolutionary stethoscope” is a stethoscope that can assist the doctor’s diagnosis by treating the heart sound with proprietary acoustic information identification technology.