November 06, 2018

#1011. The world’s fastest early cancer risk test “Proteo” to be examined in 3 minutes with one drop of blood!

     A cancer diagnosis is possible in only one drop of blood, only three minutes. Examination for super early cancer risk “Proteo” that a new biochip enabled!

“Proteo” is a novel biochip, which is an epoch – making examination method that can adsorb a very small amount of cancer – related substance in the blood of a cancer patient and can easily and rapidly detect cancer at an extremely early stage.
· Super early diagnosis from stage 0 stage is possible,
· Measurement time is the fastest in the world.
Also, since it is a simple test that requires only a small amount of blood sampling, they will not place a burden on the patient. They can also specify the site of cancer and attract attention of medical staff around the world. Cancer is said to be 95% survival rate if found early. “Proteo” may change the cancer test method in the world.