August 01, 2018

#935. “Dansa-Flyer”, a caster capable of getting over a step, could be a savior in the distribution industry!

     “Dansa-Flyer“, capable of getting over a step, greatly improves business efficiency!

“Dansa-Flyer” is the world’s first caster capable of climbing over a step. Each wheel is equipped with newly developed supporting function, which makes it possible to cross over up to 50m/m bumps. You can enjoy these advantages below while transporting some stuff with “Dansa-Flyer”.

・It can save operation hours, because it can get over a step smoothly.
・It can ease operators’ physical burden and prevent lower-back pain.
・It can improve business efficiency because it can leave out detour around steps.
・ It can prevent stuff on the caster from falling off because it can absorb shocks when crossing a step.