January 22, 2018

#818. The low protein rice which is kind to a kidney disease patient!

     Good news for kidney disease patients, “protein-adjusted food” produced by pioneer of plant lactic acid bacteria! Rice extracted from protein by the power of plant lactic acid bacteria will be the savior of patients with kidney disease!

One of  10 people in the world is said to be a kidney disease patient, and patients with kidney disease need to take low-protein diet. The characteristic of “protein-adjusted food” produced by this company is that protein is extracted from food by the power of plant lactic acid bacteria. It is an epoch making process that succeeded in enhancing the deliciousness, preservability, health function of foods, and maintaining the ripe taste while extracting protein. As the first step in expanding overseas, the company is manufacturing and proceeding to manufacture the “protein – adjusted food” manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

Niigata Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The number of patients with kidney disease is more than 300,000 in Japan alone, and it is on the rise all over the world. The "protein - adjusted food" produced by this company may be the savior of patients with kidney disease.