October 25, 2016

#489. World’s smallest medical operation scissors!

        World’s smallest scissors for operations of length of a blade 2mm to cut only a part necessary for the first time in the world! His world’s first technology craftsman’s God hand makes and scissors for operations of the world minimum of 2 mm of length!

The world’s smallest scissors for operations of length of a blade 2 mm are biopsy forceps. When inspection is necessary, the biopsy forceps is a medical appliance gathering the cell of the part which there is an ill suspicion while watching an endoscope. It was the thing which said that the conventional forceps gathered it after putting a needle-formed scalpel in a necessary part, but developed the biopsy forceps which this company touched a blade at the joint of the forceps, and did not injure the body of the patient as much as possible. It is the world’s first technique to say that we can cut only a necessary part safely.


Comments from Organizer

An engineer group with the skill of craftsmen have developed. A company called "Kaneka Corp." which cooperated with a major company aims at the global leap.