May 27, 2016

#364. The hospital has the staff who can help in eight languages which makes foreign tourist feel at ease when they visit there!

         Some overseas tourists visit the hospital to take physical examinations after they learned its favorable reputation.

This hospital is situated in Sapporo City which is one of Japan’s prominent tourist destinations in central Hokkaido. They prepared the staff who could help in eight languages to respond to the foreign patients living in Sapporo City at first. Later that, foreign travelers come to visit there in case of a sudden illness, too.
Nowadays, the sightseers and shoppers from abroad also visit the hospital to take a medical treatment or to have a thorough medical checkup after learning of good reputation that they offer patients advanced medical care. Already, many overseas tourists visit sightseeing and a shopping to receive a check-up of a complete physical examination and treatment.

Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital
TEL:+81-11-722-1110 FAX:+81-11-723-5631

Comments from Organizer

It is well known that Japanese medical technique is so high, however, the majority of hospitals have not enough staff to respond to patients from abroad. The main cause is the language barrier between the hospital staff and foreign patients. In that respect, Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital is one of the small number of hospitals getting a standard grade.