February 18, 2016

#309. The wonderful ophthalmology hospital!

         The wonderful ophthalmology hospital where the most 19 times also won top prize of an international academic meeting!  The world’s most advanced world best ophthalmology hospital where eye disease patients gather in Japan as well as from of the world. 

In this Fukasaku ophthalmology, they get a high evaluation by every ophthalmology treatment. By the cataract surgery in particular, they performed more than 4,000 cases a year. This is most operation volume in Japan, and these operation gets the best evaluation from the American ophthalmology society (ASCRS) with the world’s best operation technology. For cataract operations, retina glass body operations and glaucoma operations, this treatment facilities are getting the serious reputation in all over the world by the thing which makes patients having high degree of difficulty heal.