November 16, 2015

#260. Smart Bed to sense the patients’ pulse and breath with no connection of any monitoring systems!

         Smart Bed System continuously senses the patients’ heart and breathing rate trends without connecting any monitoring systems.

A manufacturer specializing in nursing care and medical bed has developed Smart Bed System whose sensor can continuously monitor the patients’ heart and breathing rates or the condition of sleep and these vital signs or patients’ information are wirelessly transmitted to the PCs or mobiles in the nurse station or even recorded in the electronic medical chart.


Comments from Organizer

Infants who does not have enough ability to judge things or senior citizens who have developed dementia might try to remove the monitoring systems unconsciously.
Smart Bed System could completely settle these problems. Of course, ordinary patients will welcome Smart Bed as it will release a pressure from the connected monitoring system.
If some hospitals or facilities will introduce Smart Bed System, they will certainly get a good reputation.