August 02, 2019

#1117. Motorcycle “NIKEN” selected as the top of design award of the global authority!

     “NIKEN” selected as the “Best of the Best” of the global design award Red Dot Award 2019!

“NIKEN” is a YAMAHA’s LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) motorcycle, and was selected as the highest award “Best of the Best” of the Red Dot Award 2019, which is a design award of global authority. The “NIKEN” is a large LMW equipped with a 845㎤, water-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder engine. It was highly valued for its design that taking advantage of the features of LMW that are less susceptible to changes in the driving environment and produce a high degree of stability when turning. Not only the stability of the LMW, but also the offensive side of the LMW stand out in the body design, and the sporty performance is visualized which make you want to run through the winding road.