January 07, 2019

#1048. an unbreakable air compressor, “AIRMAN”!

     When it comes to tough air compressor, it is “AIRMAN” whose market share reaches 80% in Japan and 15% abroad.

The compressor maker with 80 year-old business history has been making a constant effort to renovate its technology, take on new challenges and now enjoys a lion’s share in Japan. It seems that AIRMAN has become synonymous with an air compressor. Compared to the conventional products, the recent product increased supplying air amount by more than 10% and improved fuel efficiency. It has developed large-size compressor with enhanced low-temperature startability for people living in cold districts and high-pressured air-supplying compressor which is operatable in the food and medical fields where clean air is required. Its latest transportable engine compressor developed with cutting-edge technology is getting a lot of attention because it is rich in diversity and operatable as an emergency power supply in times of natural calamities.