November 27, 2018

#1027. The world’s smallest and lightest innovative robot with a surge of popularity!

     Innovative miniature robot “MotoMINI” which overturns conventional common sense and gathers a lot of inquiries not only from the industrial field but also from the service industry!

“MotoMINI” is an innovative smallest and lightest small robot in the world developed by a global industrial robot maker. Robots overwhelm the conventional common sense that it is used in the industrial field, and has gained great attention from the service industry. “MotoMINI” is about 40 centimeters high, weighing about 7 kg, it is portable. Also, the footprint is only about 19 cm about 12 cm and space saving not to choose the installation location is also one of the major features. In recent years when human labor shortage is a problem, there is a movement to replace simple tasks repeated by humans with robots not only in the field of industries but also in the service industry. Since “MotoMINI” appeared in such social situation, now, this small robot has received many inquiries from every field.