November 09, 2018

#1014. Automation and transport systems specialist with 80% share in the global market for cleanroom transport machines!

     Automation and transport systems with unrivaled speed, precision and cleanness adopted by renowned manufacturers all over the world in cleanrooms!

Cleaning measures in cutting-edge electronics, science and medical fields, especially in the semiconductor industry are essential for maintaining the quality of products. This company is a specialist in automation and transport systems, which has 80% share in the world market of transport machines used in cleanrooms. The famous manufacturer in the world adopts the transport system of this company. They are enhancing the cleanliness by combining the company’s main systems “Clifter” and “Loop Carry” to make the clean room unmanned. This company can respond not only to the clean room but also to the construction of any transportation system and has earned high praise for the goodness of after-sales service.

Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd.
Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The motto of this company is "striving to be a company of excellence beyond compare in the field of automation and transport systems."