November 02, 2018

#1007. One stop company regarding titanium!

     Specialist company “SHOWA” of Titanium which is a notable metal that is lighter than iron, high in strength and hard to rust! One stop from the procurement of titanium materials to the production of any titanium products.

Titanium is a metal lighter than iron, high in strength and excellent in rust resistance. Therefore, it is used in a wide range of applications from aircraft to eyeglass frames. However, titanium has a weak point of difficulty of processing. “SHOWA” freely processes such titanium, they are sending a lot of ONLY one products such as titanium electrodes and pressure vessels to the world. Recently, titanium has been attracting attention as an eco-material by utilizing it for environmental remediation. For example, utilizing the photocatalyst function of titanium, you can achieve a sterilizing effect that lasts for surprising long-term effects, and also can decompose harmful substances such as dioxin. Titanium is still a metal with unlimited possibilities.  When associating with “SHOWA”, an infinite possibility is straying naturally.