October 23, 2018

#998. Space plane realizing the universe where everyone can go!

      The way to enjoy the most possible outer space of a totally new concept, complete reuse “Spaceplane” of the plane-style! A concept completely different from the conventional disposable rocket, a low cost “Spaceplane” taking off and landing in aircraft style!

“Spaceplane” is not disposable, but it is a space aircraft that enjoys the 100 km altitude with full reuse. “Spaceplane” is being developed rapidly with the aim of operation in 2020. With the advent of the low cost “Spaceplane”, the universe may soon become a familiar space that anyone can reach. Development is being promoted not only in space travel, but also as an experimental device in the scientific field, as well as utilization in industrial fields such as development of new drugs using outer space and development of new materials. For those who wish to travel in space, a “pre-training program” that reproduces the zero gravity environment has already been prepared.

PD AeroSpace, LTD.

Comments from Organizer

If you can experience space travel casually with low cost and with simple training, applicants may rush.