October 19, 2018

#996. A global share of 70% worldwide with extremely small bearings!

     It is a very small bearing that is widely used for precision parts such as hard disk drives and medical equipment and overwhelming world No. 1 manufacturer with high quality, high durability and low cost! 

This company is a high-tech precision parts manufacturer boasting a 70% world share with a very small bearing. It is dare to deliver stock to Just in time to order from the world with daring inventory. There are over 5,000 kinds of products to deal with and 800 of them are assortment of wonders that can be delivered at all times. Bearing is the most important part that supports the rotating part of the machine and this part, which has 200 thousand revolutions per minute is required to have strict accuracy and durability. The bearings of this company are equipped with durability and quality to meet the modern needs that speed up with various equipment. In addition, they have earned high praise for cost reduction through mass production.