September 11, 2018

#966. The innovative wind power generation with vertical feathers working, even if typhoons come!

     Conventional wind power generation stops when a typhoon comes, but wind power generation with vertical feathers that can make maximum use of strong winds of typhoons!

This company has developed vertical wind power generation which brings innovative change to wind power which could not be used at the time of typhoon attack. In conventional wind power generation, since a huge propeller receives wind and rotates to generate electricity, it is common to stop the propeller due to the strength of the wind at the time of typhoon or the like, which may damage the propeller. On the other hand, wind power generation of the vertical feathers developed by this company can withstand the typhoon and it is innovative that it can safely stop even under strong wind. Mass media is paying attention as a revolution in wind power generation. Already in the Philippines where there are many typhoons attacks, they will start field demonstration experiments in 2019 in collaboration with state power company.