August 30, 2018

#958. “Nicalon”, silicon carbide fiber which could affect the aviation industry!

     “Nicalon” could be the only material which is able to meet the requirements of the next-generation airplanes.

“Nicalon”, silicon carbide fiber, became an alternative for nickel alloy which used to be mainly used in the engine parts of airplanes. Improving the fuel efficiency of aircraft is essential when we think of our serious environment issues. Conventional nickel alloy was not good enough to increase the combustion temperature of engine to a proper temperature. But, “Nicalon” is 1/3 in weight of nickel alloy and twice in intensity and its operating temperature limit is around 1800-2000℃ which is far more thermally resistant considering the normal operating temperature of aircraft engine is around 1300℃. Mass production technology of silicon carbide fiber is so difficult that US chemical major, Dow Chemical, and UK glass major, Corning, once failed to achieve its production.

NGS Advanced Fibers Co., Ltd.
Toyama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

In 1983, the company has established the plant capable of manufacturing 1 ton of "Nicalon" monthly. However, it took 30 years since the world became aware of the superiority of "Nicalon" and started using it as material for airplanes. They endured the trial patiently for longer years.