July 05, 2018

#912. A leading company specializing in cutting tools indispensable to manufacturing companies!

     Top runners of cutting tools to overcome the needs of every manufacturing company which they have all the latest cutting tools all over the world,  handling over 100,000 cutting tools worldwide!

This company is a specialized trading company specialized in cutting tools. One of the pride of handling cutting tools of the latest technology all over the world is boasting, but the point that they get the highest evaluation is that they can propose cost reduction and profit increase by cutting tools to clients. This is where others can not imitate because they can offer plans that will benefit their clients based on their expert knowledge with the specialized knowledge in handling tools only for cutting tools. Companies specializing in cutting tools are uncommon in the world, and this company is also improving overseas.

Cominix Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

The success of this company is focused on the most used cutting tool among the tools, and it is in the point that it specialized highly.