June 12, 2018

#898. Outstanding technology satisfying Japan’s strict Construction Standards!

     For the first time in Japan, 5-story timber-framed building was constructed after satisfying strict construction standards about strength and fire-resistance.

Japan is known for an earthquake-prone area, so the Construction Standards here seems to be the most strict in the world. After fulfilling the established standards especially concerning the strength and fire-resistance of structure, they constructed 5-storied wooden apartment house for the first time in Japan. When constructing 5-storied or higher buildings, it is required to pass the test that structural integrity of the wood must remain intact after 2-hour exposure to fire exceeding 1000℃. The company’s fire-proof technology called Cool Wood has passed the strict test. As for the strength test, it satisfied the standards with its technology named KES System. These innovative technologies are notable in Japan as well as in foreign countries.